Saturday, September 08, 2007

A letter

Dear gentleman next to me on the bus this week,

I, too, appreciate the wonder of the express bus and how quickly it brings us to school each morning, and home each afternoon. I, too, enjoy how great it is for the environment, not to mention our pocketbooks. Just like you are, I am amazed at how much it resembles an airplane, with individual reading lights, chairs that recline, overhead seating compartments, etc., but I, too, rejoice in knowing that we can use our electronic devices at all times, rather than turning them off during takeoff and landing.

So I can appreciate the ease with which you feel comfortable on the bus.

However, what I canNOT appreciate is the ease with which you pick your nose when you are RIGHT next to me, before wiping it on the seat between us.


Additionally, I do not appreciate that you, just moments later, began SNORING with your face inches from my shoulder.

That is gross.

Know why it is called "public transportation"? Because you are in public.

Gurrbonzo, concerned citizen


supalinds said...

Does he do the roll and flick? Or just the pick and wipe.

As a concerned citizen's friend I believe that the bus could be harming your hygiene. Will you please carry hand sanitizer around at all times?

Natalie said...

Another great bus story. I am very glad school is now in session because I have a feeling these will become more and more frequent as the semester progresses.

Chris and Katie said...

What, you didn't try to poke a light feather in his ear? Kathleen public transportation can evolve into a pretty good prank fest. USE these oppurtunities to brush up on your tomfoolery.

I love the caps lock emphasis by the way