Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pants on Fire

What do you call it when someone says something that's not true?
a LIE.
What does the law call it when someone says something that's not true?


I'd like to gripe about that for a moment.

Fact (noun): something that actually exists; reality; truth. something known to be true.

False: (adjective): not true; erroneous.

Hrmm. So, "false statement" and "false statement of fact" mean the same thing, right? OR HOW ABOUT A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED LIE. JUST CALL IT A LIE. Unless you think the following rhyme will catch on.

False stater of fact! False stater of fact!
Pants hijacked!
Hanging on something abstract!

Not so catchy is it! I have law school rage.


Anonymous said...

so is that a true statement, or a false statement?


Oliver Wendall said...

I heart Law School

Anna said...

I actually think that it is a little catchy.... I found my self chanting that to a jazzy little tune when I read over it a second time.

Nikki said...

I'm with Anna. I may just commit that to memory and use it on Danny someday. if he ever states a false statement of fact of course.

supalinds said...

Hi, so this has nothing to with stating fact, or lackthereof, but I am more interested in your summer reading list.

I just finished The Glass Castle... excellent. And in trying my hardest not to fall into the new book hype, Twilight, I am in need of some suggestions.

You've read a lot. Will you please list your top 3-5. Thanks much.

supalinds said...

Sorry to be so picky, but please do not include, Time Traveler's Wife, Running w/Scissors, and The Life of Bee's. Been there, read there.

Truly appreciated,

Mike Chang