Saturday, September 01, 2007

Four stars, two opposable thumbs up

I haven't seen a movie that I really really really enjoyed in a while, you know, the kind that you can't shut up about and want to watch again as soon as it ends.
Until last night.

Just saw "The King of Kong" at Broadway last night and OH. DEAR. ME. Best in a long while. It's a documentary (seriously) about competitive old-school video game playing and two guys vying for the world record in...(you can't make this stuff up)....Donkey Kong. And yes it's initially just prime people-watching because this nerdtastic subculture takes itself so seriously, but by halfway through I felt seriously invested and was rooting for my favorite the whole time and husband and I have been talking about it all day...I know we're talking about Donkey Kong here, but I was ready to cry. GO SEE IT THIS INSTANT.


Jess said...

don't tell me what to do, GURR.

Rachel W said...

my parents were raving about this movie. i thought they must be losing it, but given the second recommendation from you, i will definitely be seeing it.

Anonymous said...

are you joking?

supalinds said...

I'm in for that :)my nerdy husband would totally dig that.