Thursday, August 30, 2007


So, thanks to newfangled technology, I recently discovered that you can tell what people google that brings them to your site, and the good news is: Gurrbonzo is the ultimate google-giggle.

Things random people have googled in the last week that brought them to this blog:

1. anything about Pinocchio and Shrek 3 (that's a common one, thanks to this post)

2. "what is a pseudo homonym" and "homonyms of safe" bring you here. Who is googling that? And why are they coming here??

3. "quotes from the Glass Castle" (which is bizarre, since while I loved the book, there are no quotes from it here). And my personal favorite:


"Hulk Hogan has a concealed weapons permit." I kid you not. There are people reading this site because they googled that. This post comes up 7th when you google it (NOT MAKING THIS UP), so if hulk's career has a revival, YOU'RE WELCOME, MAN.

1 comment:

J said...

It's hollywood hogan now, not hulk. come on gurr.