Friday, August 10, 2007

Hulk Hogan

Readers, I had the deeeeelightful experience of eating breakfast with my dear friend since 6th grade, the one and only Suzikins. This glorious visit just happened to be on the same week Zacharoo posted a comment about a particular poem, AND the same week I discovered said poem...A SIGN! So, voila! A little tidbit from 2001, the early days, when the millenium was new. The best part is that I wrote it in 2 minutes before a creative writing class (about Suzikins' then-boyfriend) and it's the only thing the teacher liked all semester. Just goes to show: never try.

Hulk Hogan (practically)

We meet him, and hate him.
He makes unfunny jokes, laughs at his unfunny self
And won't stop talking about his concealed weapons permit.
She likes him (how? she's sane!), we hate him
He gets clingy and creepy and mean
racist jokes "but I'm only kidding!" alarm and irritate
He goes to archery tournaments (on purpose)
And if he brags about hunting cats one more time...
But she's allowed to date him,
we let her,
only because
he buys us food.


Chareth Cutestory said...

Homeboy sounds like a total douche. But at least you learned your lesson. Never, ever, ever try.

gurrbonzo said...
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J said...

What I learned today: always buy your girlfriend's friends some food.

Natalie said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

At least he bought you food ;)

supalinds said...

HA HA, that is by far the best poem I have ever read. A+ for never trying.

"laughs at unfunny self"


Ashley said...

I still remember that PIZZA. so good.