Thursday, August 02, 2007

Safety first

Ever drive behind a truck or trailer with cargo that looks a little wobbly? Ever had a few wood planks blowing in the wind, staring at you as you maintain a safe following distance behind them and wish you were wearing a helmet and/or goggles so you don't become this lady? Well, I am always a little concerned about things that look like they could fly into my windshield when I'm going 75 MPH, but today I had the exciting opportunity of following a trailer with 2 incredibly wobbly portapotties precariously strapped upon it.



Chris and Katie said...

Let's play a little hypothetical game. What would've happened had this trailer guy been side brushed, making his entire car and blessed porta potties go tipsey? What if you couldn't break in time? What if, duh duh duh.... you crashed into the porta potties in an ultimate bash out crash? Kathleen, that would be barforific. I am happy you are in one piece still and porta pottie free.

J said...

from now on, I am going to call my windshield my poopshield. you never know.