Monday, August 27, 2007

funny spam part II

Similar to a previous post, sometimes champion spam comes into my life, for which I am thankful. Today (at my law school email, which makes it even funnier), I got a great piece o spam. After big long blahblahblah about what a successful company it is (please note that the company itself is never mentioned by name), I ran into this little tidbit:

+ We do everything to make everyone who works with us creatively inspired. + We are interested in the success of every our partner because our company success is the success of our representing partners.

OH. MY. How can they make me creatively inspired? Is that something you can force? And what kind of company needs creative inspiration? They'll do EVERYTHING to make me creatively inspired? What does this mean!? But most of all, I enjoy the last sentence because "every our partner" is VERY professional, and did someone tell them saying "success" 3 times in one sentence makes it come true even if the sentence itself makes no sense? Is it a repetitition spell?

Nonetheless, I really want someone to make me creatively inspired and I want to have success to bring the company success, which is my success, so I sent my resume just in case. You never know.


zacharoo said...

Will you send in my resume too?

supalinds said...

Mine too.