Sunday, August 26, 2007


This past week, the Australian wonder and I ventured into a world dear to us, a world full of wonder, intrigue and cat hair. The world of the mission.

Highlights: we stayed in an old lady's basement for $20 a night, stuck pins in a map representing our homes, visited 4 separate Wegman's stores, saw the sun NEVER (which is pretty standard for the world's cloudiest place), strolled down memory lane with some EFY tunes, got rage at times, reminisced about pagans and gross outs, hit up the sites, had a heart to heart with a champion missionary at the Smith farm, tried to get in a car that wasn't ours, heckled through our 343rd viewing of "The Restoration," strolled the pier on Lake Ontario, got up whenever we felt like it, did many a driveby, knocked a few unanswered doors and even tracked down one of our favorite Peruvians in her new store.

Great work, team.


Chris and Katie said...

question is, did you bring back any of the pins, the cat hair, the nappy carpet remanents? Speaking of nappy, ask your hubs sometime about the envelope of dog hair I sent him while pausing at the MTC for three weeks.

I like that fact that you served with an Australian. We never had exotic nationalities like that in DAS IST GUT land. i nv u

Megs said...

It was a complete success. Hey, remember how we wanted to invite our checker, when I was prepping for a door approach, when we make awkward conversation with our hostess like we had with hundreds of others 2 years ago...

I had a great time.

supalinds said...

Sounds like a great trip. Did you happen to eat some good food, that is always a highlight of a trip.

Speaking of food, let's eat some this week while I hear about your trip.