Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Top Ten Things I was Tempted to Do Last Night When We Had the Sister Missionaries Over for Dinner

1. Insist on filling their plates myself with 2-3 times the portion they would choose for themselves; moments later, tell them they still look hungry and fill the plate once more.

2. Buy a cat and let it climb on the stove while we finish cooking.

3. Ask them when they go home.

4. Treat them like Spiritual Pez Dispensers and ask things like: "Tell me something spiritual about your mission," or "What's the hardest part so far?" or "How often do you get homesick?" or "Tell me something inspirational."

5. Offer to set them up with a brother/cousin/nephew/friend.

6. Request a specific spiritual message from them. "How about something from Lesson 5?"

7. Pour them coffee.

8. Yell, "Gotta go!" and smile sweetly, leaving them alone with husband just to see if they panic.

9. Pretend they were at the wrong house.

10. Say, "Wow, I guess the old saying 'sister missionaries are worth the weight' applies now, doesn't it?"


Chris and Katie said...

You sass. I am going to be presumptious and assume these similar events happend to you as a missionary??? Let's be honest honey, you have these down to a science.Number 1 happend to me the most and I still shutter thinking about it. Nickname: Sister FatCheeks

No one in this world deserves to see cats crawling on the stove. That is just sickly.

Love the list Sister Gurr. Way to support the frumpite duo!! I love sisters..May I ask what you whipped up?I hope it was your special and famous, everything-made-from-scratch lasagna casserole......

I like numbers 6 8 and 10 the best.
Ha!ha. I wet pants.

supalinds said...

Would a shot of whiskey be kosher?

OHANA said...

Is it bad that I may have done a few of these things... darn!

Megs said...

well done on the list. it's all too true and that's why it's funny. Could you please pass the fiesta bowl?

Ashley said...

ha ha hah! I love you. that great.

Jay said...

That is so funny... When I was in highschool and my friend was getting the discussions at my house, I lit up a fake ciggarette in front of the missionaries. It was great and you just reminded me of it! Ha!