Thursday, January 24, 2008


So, this morning my alarm went off and the first thing I thought about was how to stay in bed. I don't mean just five more minutes from the heaven-sent snooze button. I was thinking about ways to ditch all commitments and remain under the covers indefinitely. A few of my thoughts went as follows:

Sure, I have three classes today, but they are lame, and the school is a freaking hour away which feels longer on a cold morning, and they don't all take roll, and I haven't missed yet...of course, it's only week 3 of the semester, but whatever.
Food. Mmm. Food. Think how disappointing it would be to go through the trouble of getting up now that I'm running too late to have a good breakfast. Plus, I forgot to pack a lunch and now I don't have time so I can't even look forward to that. Come on Gurrbonzo, snap out of it, get out of bed, there's more to life than your lunch. It's cold out because it's winter, you can't stay in bed all winter unless you want to become an embarrassing slug. You want your kid to have a slug for a mother? Okay, I'm mostly responsible, and there's a meeting at noon I have to go to, but I could totally be sick, and besides there is a little tickle in my throat (insert fake cough) pansy, pull it together...but I don't want to, and what's the purpose of life if you don't get to do what you want?

This inner debate continued for ten minutes until my responsible self finally dragged my pansy self out of bed and ran out the door, disorganized and tired and hungry but proud of myself for persevering. Once I made it to the blasted bus, I gave up reading after a few minutes and dozed off into the peaceful , stale-smelling oblivion that only public transportation can provide. I woke up an hour later, nowhere near the law school, to everyone shuffling off the bus because it broke down.

I therefore missed my first class. Don't you think this means my pansy self was right all along and I should've stayed in bed?? The moral of the story: when you feel uber lazy, don't fight it. Embrace it as a sign from the heavens.


megandjon said...

i have fully embraced pregnancy-induced laziness. you're body needs rest and food and i find that i'm pretty happy to oblige!!

Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

I could've told you that one. We need to hang out more, so I can be a bad example. :)

erin g said...

wow, i totally would have stayed in bed. in fact, i often did under similar circumstances. we'll just say my law school attendance record was less than stellar. so now it sucks that i actually have to go to work everyday.

supalinds said...

Remember the -" I'm feeling a bit fatigued" story?

You should have pulled that one.

And rightfully're knocked up...growing a sea monkey :)

EBV said...

I embraced my pansy self years ago and never looked back. Of course, there have been consequences--happiness, joy, peace, fun, etc.

In other news, the "stale oblivion of public transportation" may be the best turned phrase of the yet-young 2008. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Many readers anxiously await your latest post. Blog, please!

Anna said...

Eat, sleep and be merry!! For tomorrow you have a child and that opportunity will be over. :)