Monday, January 14, 2008

Did you know...?

...that I slept so hard on the bus this morning that I woke up confused and startled the person next to me, who gasped and looked at me in a panic?

...that BYU blocks Youtube? Seriously.

...that I use the term "up in my business" 3-5 times per day, for uses as varied as "Wow, you parked awfully close to that guy, you're right up in his business" and "Why you up in my business about what we had for dinner?"

...that "go hang a salami i'm a lasagna hog" is a palindrome?

...that I wish I drank coffee on days like today?

...that this guy hid 34 marijuana joints in his undies and got caught when they frisked his bum at the airport?

Don't do drugs. Just a few things to be aware of.


Anonymous said...

This story just proves that the airport security is better in foreign countries than it is in Kansas City because my husband has made it through a pat down without them finding his marijauna joints.

J said...

LIKE you don't put joints in your undies.

supalinds said...

I put in my bra...extra padding!

Piglet 26 said...

hahahhahaha...snort...go hang a salami! hahahahaha

Mar said...

I LOOOOOVE palindromes!

zacharoo said...

Top pot. Yesterday I went to the gym and there were two kids who kept walking past me and they totally smelled like top pot and had some serious red eyes. I think I even got high from their fumes.