Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"Slice of life"

Be nice to your spouse or significant other. This is not only an inherently good idea, but will help you avoid the following situation, which I just read about for Wills & Estates. From 1993:

A man who was nagged by his wife to stop smoking has left her everything---but only if she takes up his habit as punishment for 40 years of "hell." Marin Cemenescu, who died last week at age 76, stipulated in his will that to inherit his house and $30,000 estate, his 63-year-old wife Aneta must smoke five cigarettes a day for the rest of her life.
"She could not stand to see me with a cigarette in my mouth, and I ended up smoking in the bathroom like a schoolboy," he wrote in his will. "My life was hell."


andrewsmiracledrug said...

That makes me wish I had some really nasty habits that I could bequeath you take up if you wanted to inherit my fortune.

Fortunately for you, my dear, I lead a life free of disgusting habits. ;)

supalinds said...

Um, wow. Not sure how to process this one.

But I kind of like it :)

Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

So what you're saying is that if I eat at the Pizza Factory for the rest of my life when I die, you'll let me have the debate boxes? Mmmm? Interesting.