Wednesday, January 16, 2008

or something

Today I had to go gulp some nasty orange drink a la 1980s McDonald's with triple the carbonation for some sort of glucose test to make sure baby and I don't have diabetes (or as husband likes to say, "live-abetes," because there's no need to use such negative language), and then I had to hang out for an hour, then have a couple needles poked in my arm to test my orange-drink-ridden blood.

Well, nice, clever Mr. Phlebotomist pretended he had the shakes when he was putting my tourniquet on and then proceeded to get all chatty with me. Our conversation proceeded as follows:

Phlebotomist: So, what do you do for a living?
Me: I'm a law student.
Phlebotomist: Cool. So you're like a lawyer's assistant or something?
Me: No, I'm in law school.
Phlebotomist: So you're going to be a paralegal? That's cool.
Me: No, I'm in school to be a lawyer.
Phlebotomist: Like, real lawyers will let you help them?

Do you think I'd be more successful at avoiding this problem if I started calling it "real lawyer school"?


Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

Oh dear me.

Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

Oh dear me.

erin g said...

wow. well, he draws blood for a living, so don't take it so personally.

i hope you passed that stupid test. because i flunked it, so then i had to get the longer one, which involved drinking two or three times as much of that gross stuff and waiting around for 3 hours, getting blood drawn every hour. it was terrible. not to mention i puked the stuff up anyway so the test was pointless.

Anna said...

OUCH Erin G..... I too am a phlebotomist. Careful. Careful. Lets give Mr. Phlebotomist a break. I might have been confused as well. Please help us blue collar folk out next time and call it "real lawyer school."
Besides, Mr Phleb was probably nervous because he has a thing for pregnant women. That would explain the shakes and the intelligent talk. :)

EBV said...

I've been calling it real lawyer school for years. But, let's be honest, until you make partner at some firm, or start up "Cannon, Boome, and Taykover, LLP" you're going to be helping out lawyers. Granted, making lots and lots of money to do so, sacrificing your life, soul, and happiness in the process...but in the end, we're just helping the man get bigger.

I hate the man.

supalinds said...

OH man, what is wrong with this world. I vote for calling it "real lawyer school".

Shaky and blood just don't go hand in hand.

I hope you past the test!

erin g said...

sorry anna. trust me, i appreciate a good phlebotomist. i have tricky veins, so i am always glad to have one who knows what she's doing. obviously, kathleen's put your profession to shame, but we all have black sheep, even those of us from "real lawyer school."

Jay and Jessica's Ashram said...

Ha! That is great! What a jackass. Whenver I tell someone that I am in law school I usually get scorned. There are a lot of med students in the ward, including the elders quorom teacher, and whenever he calls on someone he says "Yes, Dr. Smith" or "You had a great point Dr. Walker." I am always just called on as Jay. I am thinking of making them call me Jay, esquire. Or at least Your Honor.


Joel said...

I told a family that I taught on mission that I was in Law School. And they asked if I had always wanted to be a cop, and why I would want to be a cop. So people are stupid.