Sunday, March 23, 2008

Because yesterday I forgot my ipod and spent 2 hours with the good old-fashioned radio

Remember All I Wanna Do? Remember, it was the early-to-mid 90s, and Sheryl Crow wanted to have a good time, and she felt as though there were others who had similar feelings?
Zacharoo is famous for thinking she was talking about four friends of hers, "Til the sun comes up over Santy, Monty, Coco and Roy."

Yesterday, I accidentally left without breakfast and spent the drive enjoying a little 80s love brought to me by the radio when I caught myself singing "Two Pop Tarts" instead of Two of Hearts.

And how about that Sophie B. Hawkins? Remember her? Is it just me or at 1:14 and 1:25ish, are the background singers as asking if we like tacos?!

WTF. I'm not making it up. Give it a listen and you'll agree.

WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. HOLD THE PHONE. Finding that video led me to click on her other stellar hit, "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover." I am freaking out a bit because I'm pretty sure that instead of "damn" she says "shucks" at 1:51. Am I right??? Give a listen and tell me I'm right. Way to let us all know you're serious, Sophie. If there's one way to tell the world you mean business, it's singing "Shucks!"

Sidenote: let's start sentences with "damn" more often. It's like telling the world, "I'm dead serious, and not afraid to drop a casual swear word, but don't freak out, because I'm not angry, I'm just underscoring an important point in a way that will mildly shock you if you're BYU student and/or my grandmother."

P.S. Nope, the kid's not out yet. I am scrambling to finish some law poop and realizing that so far, every class in law school can boil down to about 3 pages...damn, I wish someone told me that sooner.


Mar said...

Damn, I love your posts! And I really do think they are saying, "I love tacos." Do you remember the song "Almost Paradise" from the Footloose soundtrack? My sister's friend thought the words were "Almost pair of tights."

J said...

I had no idea that song had shucks in it. what the shuck.

Anonymous said...

If BYU didn't block youtube, I could verify your Sophie B. Hawkins claims. For now, I can neither confirm nor deny your allegations.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, I love tacos too. And shucks, I wish I was eating one instead of doing homework.