Saturday, March 01, 2008


Thank you to all who entered GEC! I laughed, I cried, I barfed* reading the entries and salute you for your efforts. I ended up liking so many of them so much that I relied on the List Randomizer to choose...and thanks to randomizer, the winner is...


The winning entry:

While there is no real insurance against becoming that "shut-in who knits sockettes for her pets," skipping RS meetings is not the fast track to the mustard-stained sheet wardrobe. In the case of RS, I am a textualist. When they say the word "auxiliary," I accept that in all its unfettered, guilt-free glory. RS is additional, supplementary, reserve, used as a substitute in case of need, giving support; serving as an aid; helpful. Does not translate as a commandment to me. Just a free gift for me that I can chose to partake as I need. So when the bishop catches you moving your sorry behind a bit too slowly out the doors to the parking lot after Sunday School and asks, "Sister Gurrbonzo, why aren't you on your way to Relief Society?" You get to keep on walking and yell back over your shoulder, "Bishop, thanks for asking but I don't need RS today." (emphasis on "I").

Congratulations, Sister Jennifer! We will talk shortly about t-shirt size, detailed life plan, etc.

Honorable mentions go to Charlott and Erin G., also chosen by the list randomizer, who will each receive a copy of my Lame Hits, Workout Favorites, Cadbury eggs and the opportunity to suggest a name for our child. Their entries:

Ode to: "for keeps"
This little tad bit of a love made me think of the feeling you get when you call into a local radio station and dedicate your most cherished song to the one you love! And then, you call them and tell them to turn on the radio. You know? It's like that kind of love...the kind that makes you happy because someone as cool as gurr isn't afraid to say something totally cute to her rockstar hub. Way better than a song dedication.Second, "Sometimes, church is boring..." made me just laugh really hard because for some reason I picture what that old woman did as something my own mama would do...and perhaps my Mr. Hyde side when I am in my late 60's. Thanks for reminding me that even if you are a normal young person, there is no gauge to sanity/insanity when you get old.

Erin G. submitted a video of her and her 9-month-old son reading this blog together, something she especially cherishes as a working mother, with her saying things like, "Oh I know! Can you believe what that phlebotomist said to her?" and him clapping his hands and laughing.

Congrats to our GEC winners!!! If you didn't win, don't despair. You can still receive expert advice at this site free of charge.

*not entirely true


Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

I tagged you have to go to my blog and participate in

Jennifer Earnshaw Warburton said...

Hurray for the randomizer. I want to thank all the little people that made this award possible.

My friends Seth and Ed made King of Kong and I will send your blog link to him this very second. Cool. They will think this is even cooler than their mention of possibly being mentioned for an Oscar.

Happy something.

Charlott said...

Thanks to Gurr...without whom, none of this blog contesting/fun reading/about to wet my pants from laughter/sincere and great/once she parked her car in an illegal parking zone and a strange lady came in the restaurant and yelled "whoever is parked the red grand am (melinda may) I am going to kick your butt" so a good friend (who will remain nameless) told the scary lady that the red car belonged to her just so gurr wouldn't get a booty kicking. Anyway, it's great to be a winner and great to be friends with a shimmier.