Thursday, February 28, 2008

Talk him out of chumpatizing himself

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE CONTEST! Friday is the last day. I believe in you and know how bad you want the detailed life-plan.

This afternoon I crashed big-time. After one too many 15 hour days back-to-back, my ever-growing body (and hot new cankles) gave out on me and I crawled into bed at 2 PM. Best four hour nap of my life. The moral of the story is that when your body needs to have a little meltdown, you should embrace it. And then post-meltdown you should go to Chipotle with your favorite person, and then watch King of Kong, the best movie of our generation. You should forget about the boring things you're writing papers about and the boring things you have to read for your boring law school, and you should just eat and learn a little more about the professional video gaming community. Try it.

In other news, this headline today cracked me up. "Bennett to Huckabee: End Campaign, Unite Behind McCain." How about, "Huckabee to Bennett: Who the Hell Are You?"

But the best news item I've seen lately is this opinion column, which hits strangely close to home. The paragraph that most matches my personal feelings:

Maybe my standards are too high, but if you like any of the hundreds upon hundreds of things that are too multifaceted for my attention span, you should have your head examined, weirdo. And don't even get me started on complex and sophisticated notions I can't possibly wrap my head around. That stuff makes me want to puke.


ChrisandKate said...


I just wanted to apologize for my hidden commentary lately, as for some reason, I've been in a blog stand still (please refer to latest post at

I think your last few posts are hilarious though, and wanted to let you know I am still here, reading as loyally as ever, and can't wait to see your cankles.

Ta ta
Katherine elaine

Anna said...

Nothin wrong with a little cankle. But it might make buying a anklet difficult...
Should I be embarrassed about not seeing King of Kong before? Dont judge me.