Thursday, February 25, 2010

that time I had a kid: 2010 edition

Five years ago, I was sitting on a stranger's couch, surrounded by no less than 500 sci-fi paperbacks in dozens of stacks towering above my head, when I heard the back door open and close very carefully. "Who's that?" I asked.

"Don't worry," she shrugged. "It's just the cat."

Umm, WHAT? She had a cat that could open doors by itself.

Because it had an opposable thumb. Ummmm.

Just want to e-thank this opposable thumb cat lady, because later that winter she sewed me one of those microwaveable rice bags and it provided a needed blast of soothing distraction from barfy back labor when I gave birth to our newest little lady last month.


Have you ever heard of a "fog-in"?

Me neither.

Apparently, they're common in the Midwest at wintertime and when they happen,
no planes can land at our local airport.

Which means if you're, say, my mother-in-law flying in to help out as we have our second child, your 5-hour journey by plane will morph into 16 hours and involve a 4-hour late-night bus ride from Chicago.

It was four days after my due date. I suspect that subconsciously, I was holding on until hub's mom arrived. We had a few friends lined up to watch our toddler but I knew I wouldn't be able to fully relax and get "in the zone" if our cutie was at a buddy's house. I'd be preoccupied: How was she doing? Was she flipping out? Blahblahblah. Believe it or not, I'm not always such a Fretful Frances, but imminent birth-giving makes one worry. So I had joked with hub that I'd go into labor right when his mom arrived, and that we'd only spend three hours at the hospital.


Kind of.

Hub's mom got here a little before midnight and the contractions (whoops, I mean, in hypnobirthing lingo, "surges") started in earnest an hour or two later. And suddenly they were two minutes apart, and I started busting out moves I'd only seen in books (kneeling, swaying, etc.) to take the nasty pressure off my lower back. Around 4:30 AM, we checked into the hospital and I attempted to get in the zone using all the non-cuckoo stuff from hypnobirthing (which, once you ditch the crazy, leaves you with some plain old relaxation breathing and some "I can do it!" mantras). I was determined to move through my nasty back labor because last time it had me feeling paralyzed on the bed for hours, so when the abrupt and homely nurse brought out the birthing ball, it was so wonderful that for a moment, I felt bad for noting how abrupt and homely she was.

And three-ish hours later, I puked, my water broke, I couldn't not push, and then my lady parts were ablaze and our kiddo was here!

I could talk about what a miracle childbirth is and how much it blows my mind that we have a new member of our family, or how freaking cute the big sister is as she surrounds the baby with books and toys at every turn, and is always copying her head bobbles and little coos, or how my heart melts when I think that THIS IS MY FAMILY, but let's be honest, you could just read my feelings and FAQ from last go round, but
you don't care about that, you care about what useful info I've gleaned.

Things I learned:
  • If you want to give birth naturally, you can do it. Whatever you decide to do, don't let anyone make you feel guilty. If you bear children in North America in 2010, chances are you can do it however you want. Hurray for choices.
  • Apparently a bit of a pattern is emerging, as I'm two for two birthwise as far as 1) having daughters b) no medication except some Motrin after c) having nasty back labor d) going into labor at midnightish e) being due on a Thursday and giving birth the following Tuesday. Weird that those things were all the same, right?
  • Even if the natural route went well the first time and you decide to go for the same strategy, the second time might be more terrifying just because once things get started, you know exactly what's coming. Consequently, in the thick of things you might panic a few times. But people have been doing this for a long time, and you can do it, too, so just remind yourself to grow a pair...figuratively.
  • Giving birth might be the most empowering thing around.
  • If during labor, there's a clock on the wall stressing you out, just take it down. It's okay if it's attached so hangs there awkwardly with cords sticking out and everyone that comes in the room asks what the crap happened on that wall. Just do it. You're in charge.
  • Speaking of which, you're in charge. So do whatever you want! If you need to walk, walk. If you need a heated rice bag, use a heated rice bag. If you need a drink, ask for one. If you need a pep talk from your spouse, ask for one, and be as specific as necessary. When things get intense you might even whisper things like "Holy shit, honey. Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit." And he will know that this means you need him to say something encouraging.
In sum: people with mutant cats could give you gifts that save your butt years later, I jokingly predicted details that then came true with eerie accuracy, reproduction rocks, we love our new baby, do what you want.


The Boob Nazi said...

The fog thing happens at the Sacramento airport too.

Amy said...

Um, what is back labor? I would google it, but I'm scared to. Can you explain in a non-I-may-have-to-stop-reading-this-blog-for-a-while kinda' way? (i.e., so that I won't pass out?)

gurrbonzo said...

Haha! Amy, I love you. No scary words like placenta or nipple shall be used in the upcoming explanation.

As far as I know, back labor is just a lot of intense, often continuous pressure in your lower back during labor. Sometimes it happens because the baby's face is up instead of down, or as the doc said in my case, because big heads of big babies have to make the turn around my tailbone as they get ready to head out. It's unlike anything I've felt before because it is steady and sharp and unrelenting and in a weird spot on my back. That's why I can't say "back labor" without saying "nasty back labor," like it's all one word. nastybacklabor.

Not a bad tradeoff though: a few hours of butt, er, back-kicking pain in exchange for a cute kid.

Andrea said...

I am not as of yet in the family way, but I've been thinking a lot about having my children naturally. Your words inspire and scare the hell out of me.

Ru said...

Bless you for asking, Amy. Seriously. I was about to ask the exact same thing.

Thanks for sharing the story, gurrbonzo-friend. Ps - I plan to steal "my lady bits were ablaze" at some point, though I plan to use it in hopefully the most inappropriate, "does that really work there?" sort of way. :)

Deanna said...

Yay! What an encouraging birth story! I also gleaned that sometimes the most cat-loving, abrupt, and homely folks bear the best gifts. HYPNO-POWER!!!

Lost in Translation said...

Congrats on surviving birthing process number two! I think women definitely have more options for childbirth than they have ever had before, and should be allowed to do whatever works for them and their families! Wahoo!

megan said...

a) You're awesome, and
b) Back then I would never have predicted that you would still have the rice bag and that you would use it in this exact situation, also
c) Thank you for being the one with whom I share the opposable thumbed cat experience (insert "what the hell was that all about" groan).

Lisa R.D. said...

YOU are awesome.

Great recap of an inspiring event. Can't wait to try it in a few weeks. I only hope mine goes as quickly as yours did.... and I want to copy Ru and steal the "my lady bits were ablaze" line... it's perfect.

Jared and Laurel said...

Holy heavens! If I were to print this post out and highlight the parts that sound like I wrote them bc I experienced them...the only white parts remaining would be the opposable-thumbed cat experience! Add that to the fact that I'm naming my daughter the same name as yours in 10 weeks! Weird. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Oh, and I'm half-Canadian. Maybe there's a mutant cat in my future.

Dorothy said...

This post makes me really happy for you, and really sad that I'll probably have to have all my kids by c-section.

You are so freaking amazing.

Brooke said...

YAY for babies!! And yay for rice bags and birthing balls!!

Sarita said...

Thank you for this, that I just read because your blog somehow disappeared from my reader.

Everyone has been telling me that Im crazy for even thinking about going natural. And its freaking me out.

I may want to pick your brain at some point on this one. If you dont mind.