Friday, May 11, 2007

Clever husband

I saw a law school friend yesterday who had a baby mid-semester. I began asking her about the logistics of having a child in the midst of law school and she explained that there was a cry room, where class gets piped in if you have to leave with your baby, much like church mother's rooms worldwide. She even explained that if you position your foot correctly, it is possible to nurse and take notes on your laptop simultaneously. Outstanding! (Note: for an enjoyable tidbit of nursing information, visit here. Trust me. You want to see it.) STOP! THIS JUST IN! JUNE 11 UPDATE: JUST TRIED TO ACCESS THAT LINK FROM THE LAW SCHOOL AND DON'T WORRY, THE NURSING INFO IS TOTALLY BLOCKED BY BYU BECAUSE IT OF "NUDITY AND SEXUAL MATERIALS." love you, cougars.

Later that day, I recounted these adventures to my dear husband and was reminded of exactly why I married him. His response about the girl who takes notes while nursing?

"Cool. Type'n'Teat."


Kamie said...

"Type n' teat" hahaha that is funny.

Another thing you will only find at BYU law school- a cry room for babies! That is classic.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

does this mean that you are thinking about having a child during law school?

if you're thinking about doing it just so that you can use the cry room ... i'd think again. but other than that, kids are great. i don't think i could pull off the type'n'teat, though. i've tried.