Sunday, May 06, 2007

serious blast from the past

Yikes. The hub and I just hit up the mission and OH. DEAR. I don't even know what to blog about it except to say that if you're wondering if the only thing better than the mish itself is hitting it up with your favorite, permanent hangout friend, the answer is yes. I highly recommend it.

Other things I recommend:
  • Wegmans
  • Sleeping from pre-takeoff to post-landing and therefore remaining unaware traveling ever took place
  • Hearing that a woman you tried to teach for ages but kept striking out with is now the Relief Society secretary
  • Watching the sunset from the Hill Cumorah until a fakeout-grumpy man kicks you off by telling you he's served 8 missions and is training to hike the Appalachians and that he saw 27 turkeys, some on top of trees.
  • Shrieking with strangers bc you know the same mission champs.
  • diving into Niagara Falls. Okay, not that one.


Anonymous said...

Often I dream of Weggys.

Megs said...

mmm...triple fruit. hoorah for the mission.

Erika Sullivan said...

Yes Kathleen, I hear ya about Wegman's. We got one here in good ole Balti-less about a year or so ago, and it has changed my life. I just wish this one had the "kid drop-off room" that I've heard about with other ones where you can drop off the kid-o's while you do your shopping. Well, room or no room, we still take advantage of the free broken cookies from the cookie counter to keep the girls happy and don't do our shopping anywhere else. Why bother? Love ya!